• scale - the biggest unexplored market in the world

  • continuous cooperation with the Central Banks in  different areas. 

  • continuous monitoring of the Building Energy Rating for each property, with the data available in the Pressiton Online Management System.

    There are 600 000 BER-s completed in Ireland, but only a small percentage of the properties renovated, because of a lack of financial capacity by the owners, which will not change.

    The very first target for the Pressiton are 330 properties x 30 000 Euro of the Deep Renovation costs = 10 mln Euro Covered Green Bonds issuance.

    The next issuance will come for 100 000 properties, which equals 3 bln Euro Covered Green Bonds issuance. 

    Only the Pressiton System ensures a real boost of economy, by renovating properties for free, with the payment after 30 years, or after the property sale, whatever comes first.

    Pressiton do not make any money on interest rates, throughout a waiting process for the repayment.

    In a scenario of the ECB-s deposit facility rate exceeding zero, the costs of it are added to the outstanding Deep Renovation value.

  • fulfilling all ECB critieria for Corporate Sector Purchase Programme

  • all data sheets, color charts, warranties, history of work, and communication with the Clients available in the Pressiton Online Management System. 

    After log in please click on the Application for Payment module, as an example of a first step, by pricing projects online, in a collaborative way among the Clients, Architects, Manufacturers and Contractors.

    login: deeprenov
    pass: deeprenov

  • drones used for the measurement and supervision.

  • no gray area to the very bottom - all taxes paid, through the Pressiton Oniine Management System supervision



  • none



  • global instability, but if the ECB doesn't survive it, nothing will survive.