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The Central Banks Alliance For A Clean Earth, supported by the Explainable Artificial Intelligence.


The Green Deal at the Covid-19 time shall accelerate, and there is a solution: the PressXAI-GreenBankTM.

30% of all pollution is caused by the Residential Properties, with the millions of them qualifying for a Deep Renovation.
They seem to be easy to renovate, but in fact this is more Art than building, when doing all detailed work.
The home owners are not the experts, and they are abused on prices and on a poor quality of installation.
And needless to say, they just don't have the money....

Therefore we shall see these 30 million homes as a ONE BIG PROJECT rather than 30 million small ones.
Allowing an online-estimation and the professional supervision over the products and labour with the AI support.
This unified approach allows to use the most modern EU technology: drones, robots and an intelligent monitoring.

100% Deep Renovation work value is financed by the PressXAI-BankTM, with a following repayment streams:
* a small monthly rates for 30 years,
* after the property sale.

If the property doesn't have a successor, it will be sold on a free market through the public auction system.
The part of finance owed to the PressXAI-BankTM will be repaid.

* a new heater
* replacement of the windows
* external insulation facade system
* the roof reparation and insulation.

The PressXAI-GreenBank will be connected:
* with the Central Banks as a source of capital
* with the material suppliers to get them fully paid
* with the home owner's accounts, to let them pay back for the Deep Renovation costs.

All labour force are employed by the PressXAI-GreenBank DIRECTLY to avoid any grey area.
The taxes are boosting the State budgets, keeping their public affairs sustainable.

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