Rather than a “narrow AI” or a “A general I (AGI)”, the PressAITM, our Artificial Inteligence environment, is developing a Pressiton Global Management System itself, which consists of a very broad range operations, from the HR assessment tasks, to the construction estimation modules, to the financial market direction predictions.

It also involves a blockchain like approach, which can be used whenever required by the Clients.

In a traditional approach all Management Systems are developed by humans, based on the human suggestions, where one may have a 10 different ideas, and all of them are good for a particular goal, but implementing them may destroy another part of the Management System Framework.

The PressAITM can cope with this issue, and based on the projects real day-to-day data, and the users behavior, it is continuously self improving, becoming a super-system, with the real intelligence focused on effectiveness of the projects preparation and realization.

In this approach there is no danger for the PressAITM to become any threat to humanity, as we do not want it manage our emotions, but to optimize our projects, which are VERY ALIVE, extremely complicated, fast running processes.

Pressiton Global Management System

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The PressAI-HostTM is a new model of hosting, without a separate servers and virtual machines. A vast majority of the SME-s do not have any expertise in this area, and they relay on the external IT contractors, who look after a company web or a software development.

With the PressAI-HostTM the clients are paying for All in One package: hosting, security, web and software development, without caring about anything else, but selling their products and services in the most efficient way.

The PressAI Cyber-Security (PressAI-CSTM) is the ONLY anwser, for a proper protection of a company business.

A below article from the 2015/02 is even more valid today: https://www.wired.com/insights/2015/02/the-root-of-the-security-problem/

" What’s Causing the Data Security Problem?

IT security specialists and engineers with sophisticated skills are needed to prevent and defend against sophisticated cyberattacks. But tech talent with these skills are hard to find."

2017.11 https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/digital-mckinsey/our-insights/to-survive-in-the-age-of-advanced-cyberthreats-use-active-defense?cid=other-eml-alt-mip-mck-oth-1712

Moreover, the external IT contractors (or an internal personnel) are working on the company servers often hosted with an external provider, getting a full access to the company IT content, where they can easily copy any code, to use it somewhere else.

For example in a case of threat, a dynamic action is taken, where the PressAI-CSTM identifies the hackers IP, searches for the domain name, domain address, and initizalizes a contact with the local police cyber units to inform about the crime, in ANY country in the world.

This is very unique, because normally the victims companies are left alone, even when the protection system signals the problem, nothing happens, until it is too late.

Summarizing - the PressAI-CSTM carries out a following operations:

1) checking out if any IT person can copy and take away any source code from the server.

Setting up a history of the operations. Protecting against a copying.

2) checking out what any IT person can delete, or to add to any source code on the server, without authorization.

For example, it is easy to add some code which will transfer a sensitive information, like a company directors/owners ALL e-mails, to an external disk. Any secrets of a deal making are gone, any competitiveness is lost.

Setting up a history of the operations. Protecting against spying on a correspondence of a company personnel.

3) eliminating the crime sources, one by one, by contacting the local police cyber units.

The PressAI Cyber-Security (PressAI-CSTM) fights for the clients as much as it fights for the Pressiton, so the most efficient way is to move Your company IT resources to the PressAITM care centre, securing Your company future, through the future AI.


As humans we also fight the Climate Change, by building an universal robot, the PressAI-DRTM, for a Deep Renovation projects, especially the External Wall Insulation Systems, which are complicated, time consuming, exposing the workers to the weather conditions, making the labour cost expensive and, so on.

And there is a huge amount of work to be done:


PressAI-DRTM has no problem with this at all, his only dream at the moment is to meet Sophia...

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