The website setup is a bit unusual, as a part of the LEO-6G launch preparations.
Welcome to Pressiton, have a nice day.

Adrian W. Pasieka Ikane
Pressiton Founder - Bio

  • Poland - Warsaw - 2015 - 2020
  • Ukraine - Kiev - 2014
  • Poland - Warsaw 2012-2013
  • USA, Miami, 2008 – 2011
  • Ireland, Dublin, 2000 – 2008
  • Poland, Krakow & Warsaw, 1995 – 2000
  • Germany, Mannheim, 1994
  • Current goals:
    Making the Pressiton AI University a global leader in solving a real world challenges: Fusion, Space, Robotics, Telecommunication and Medicine. All solutions are based on a Fully Explainable Artificial Intelligence (PressAI-Mind), to make them naturally connected with a quantum programming.

  • 2020 - PHD, in preparation: "Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Algorithms in the Common Lisp programming language”.
  • 1993 - Academy of Economics - Wroclaw, Poland
  • 1993-1988 - University of Chemistry – Wroclaw, Poland
  • 1988-1983 - The Railway High School – Krakow, Poland

  • Achievements and the carrier history:
  • 2019-now: development of the PressXAI-Mind, an AI framework for establishing of the PressXAI-University in Poland.
  • 2018-2014: development of a new ways of the AI programming, including a cyber intelligence and a quantum computing.
  • 2018-2014: development of a new technologies, required for a Pressiton Exchange Direct Listing global expansion.
  • 2013-2009: transforming Pressiton business into a cloud computing Private Equity company;
  • 2013-2009: personally developing state of the art trading systems, universal for all markets (shares, commodities, forex). The smallest Stop Loss in the world (the best risk management).
  • 2008-2000: developing Pressiton business, with an emphasis on the cloud computing management systems, one of the first such systems in the world.
  • 1999-1997: Regional Sales Manager and National Sales Director for the RPM Companies:,
  • 1996-1995: Marketing Director in a gypsum mine „New Land” in Poland. Author of introducing a new chemical formula to a gypsum finishing plaster.

  • Awards:
  • Fair Play 2008
  • Fair Play 2007
  • Fair Play 2006
  • Green Apple Awards – UK
  • ISO 9001 – the first certificate in the world achieved in the cloud computing formula
  • European Business Awards – chosen as one of the 10 best entrepreneurs in Europe, Paris, France.

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