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The best search facilities in the world.

This will beat Alibaba and Amazon. An official start: 2021-01-01.

Our Offices, including the futuristic ones :)

PressitOn® XAI University Poland PressXAI-MindTM
Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Programming
Raczynski Palace, Golden Stream 42-253, Poland
Regon: 357022893 NIP: 6121338379
Registration Date: 13.09.2019
Swift Code: BPKOPLPW
Bank: PKOBP, ul. Powstańców 4, 00-030 Warsaw, Poland
Account Number: PL 16 1020 1013 0000 0902 0419 0443

PressitOn® Global Ltd. Global Management Centre
Dąbrowskiego 6, 42-202 Częstochowa, Poland
Regon: 0000355529 NIP: 5732797377
Registration Date: 15.04.2010
Swift Code: BPKOPLPW
Bank: PKOBP, NMP 19, 42-200 Czestochowa, Poland
Account Number: PL 19 1020 1664 0000 3102 0562 3543

PressitOn® Earth Globe Governance Centre
The Equilibrium Point: from Plato to Eco
Registration Number: Algebraic series of events
Registration Date: Big Bank(g)

PressitOn® Venus Space Governance Centre
The Equilibrium Point: luxury, beauty, peace, love and harmony
Registration Number: 000001 PressXAI®
Registration Date: First look there

The PressXAI-GDPTM currency, which will save the Earth: PressXAI-Covid-Shop
All medical supplies donors are eligible to participate, please contact us:

"When Your country needs You, fight
without thinking much about it,

to make sure that Your country will protect You,
when You need it..."

Adrian W. Pasieka Ikane.


W języku polskim:
PressXAI University Droga do Nagrody Nobla

PressXAI University wzór umowy darowizny
PressXAI University dane do przelewu


"Kiedy kraj Cię potrzebuje, walcz,
bez ucieczki myślami do raju,
aby wiedzieć że jesteś go wart,
kiedy Ty,
będziesz potrzebować kraju."
Adrian W. Pasieka Ikane.

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PressXAI-Satellite Trading
Our Offices
Lisp Billionaires Club
Lungs Public Scanners
PressXAI-Green Bank
PressXAI-Project Management
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