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Welcome to Pressiton, have a nice day.


The PressXAI-GDP-Currency is to beat a global recession, especially in a less developed countries.
It was proposed to the Central Bankers a couple of years ago, but the world was running on a low interest rates fuel.

In a Covid-19 time this is an ideal solution.
The global GDP comes to 86 trillion of dollars, and this amount will be ultimately issued as the PressXAI-GDPTM.
Independently from a currencies market, fully supporting the Governments, by keeping their reserves untouched.

At the moment the PressXAI-GDP-Currency is issued to all donors, who share their wealth, to help coping with a disease.
They give things away, and they get the PressXAI-GDP-Currency in return, so they may give away more.
There are hospitals, nursing homes and many other places which need medical products.
These donors may exchange the other goods, paying with the PressXAI-GDP.

At some stage the PressXAI-GDP will be distributed among the citizens, especially in a poor countries.
It is only a matter of accepting the PressXAI-GDP by the suppliers, who are keen to do so.


Welcome to a supply resource of the Covid-19 related products, stored in the PressXAI-MindTM brain.
Let's make our journey back home safe, and human.

There are two options:

1) The AI based, quick purchases facility, used in a state of emergency (prevailing now):

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Please contact us to get a full access:

Enter Your Pressiton Password: (given separately).
Please click on a number 1 - press shopping - and choose your product for an easy order.

2) A standard, but a very complex system, which can manage deliveries in the whole countries:


Terms and Conditions:

1. All products are sold by the Pressiton Global Ltd., Poland, mainly under the Pressiton's brand.
This is to cut off a false intermediaries.

2. Suppliers who are trying to gauge the prices, are reported straight to the local Police.
The PressXAI-CyberSecurityTM system is locating them, anywhere in the world.

3.The product's specification is carefully verified and the certification investigated.

4. Payments and deliveries are established on an individual basis.

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