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This is how the global community will win against all overpricing abuse during the Covid-19.

Gladiator (Russel Crowe) in Colosseum:


* Hospitals can see a list of a potential suppliers, including charities, in the auction system.
The lists are approved and supervised by a country authorities.

* Hospitals are sending requests, suppliers respond in a form of auctions, without seeing each other offers.
When they don't sell at the first auction, the prices go down immediately.

* Hospitals are choosing the best offers and they put the Purchase Orders directly into the auction system.

The Purchase Orders are turned into the Projects, and the supply goes through the Order-Delivery-Invoice system.
The payments are typically made on a delivery, not before - to verify the source and the supply quality.
If a producer doesn't trust a country Government, he can't be trusted at all.

* IMPORTANT: all delivered products are visible to the hospital's staff, and individual orders can be placed on-line.
This procedure takes a few seconds, but it saves a lot of money, because each person has a history of all collections.

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When put together, the system brings a normality to the hospitals finance and management.
They are in urgent needs now, but the over-payments will not go away, and the finance has to be controlled.
We will not allow the price gauging to break anyone - so, let's HOLD THE LINE, STAY TOGETHER, AND WIN NOW.

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